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Reactive does not draw out the antioxidant NAPM

Reactive does not draw out the antioxidant NAPM

1. Introduction
N-4 (aniline phenyl) methyl acrylamide

Structural Formula:

2.technical indicators


Three. Nature:
The appearance is gray powder, soluble in benzene and acetone, insoluble in water, melting point is 100-106.5 °C.

4.Functions and cooperation
The product has reactive functional group amide bond does not pull out the antioxidant, and rubber unsaturated bond in the action of the initiator polymerization reaction, can be in butadiene and acrylonitrile polymerization of the aging group cross-linked in the rubber chain segment, can be made of polystable nitrile rubber.
In vulcanized rubber products by acetone extraction test, measured by UV spectrum, and raw glue bond without being extracted. Through the tire in the north of the high temperature gravel road and wet rain under the south of the field driving tens of thousands of kilometers, its aging resistance effect is excellent.
The product can be widely used in all kinds of rubber, due to the existence of unsaturated bonds, and rubber to form a graft cross-linked macromolecule, not easy to pull out, the rubber has the characteristics of aging, heat resistance, medium resistance and so on.Various properties are significantly better than 4010, 4020 antioxidant.Dosage: About 2 servings.

5. Packing
PE bag lined with PE film, net weight 10 kg or 25kg cardboard bucket.