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Bisphenol A diallyl ether (BBE)

Bisphenol A diallyl ether (BBE)

Bisphenol-A diallyl ether
Short name: BBE Molecular formula: C21H24O2 Molecular weight: 308.414
Physicochemical properties: colorless or light yellow liquid
CAS NO: 3739-67-1
Structure type:

2.technical indicators

3. Use

1,Bisphenol A diallyl ether is a kind of organic matter, chemical formula C21H24O2, colorless or light yellow liquid, is an important organic synthesis intermediate, mainly used in epoxy resin crosslinking agent.
2.At high temperature, Clason rearrangement can form diallyl bisphenol A.Diallyl bisphenol A is mainly used for the modification of Bismaleimide resin (BMI), which can greatly reduce the application cost of BMI resin and improve the operability and manufacturability of BMI resin.
3.Bisphenol A diallyl ether is used in high-end application technology, including semiconductor wafer surface adhesive, photoresist material, impact prepreg billet, fiber reinforced structural parts forming, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistant mixed
materials, high temperature coating, waterproof corrosion resistance and other functions.