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2,2'-Diallyl bisphenol A DBA-100

2,2'-Diallyl bisphenol A DBA-100

2,2'-Diallyl bisphenol A DBA-100


1. Introduction

1)Product Name: 2,2'-Diallyl bisphenol A(DBA)

2)Shortened Form: BDA   

3)Molecular formula: C21H24O2

4)Molecular weight: 308.41   

5)Physicochemical Properties: Light yellow liquid

6)CAS NO: 1745-89-7

7) chemical structural formula:

2. Technical requirement

. Product Application

2,2'-Diallyl bisphenol A,shorten form is DBA,Mainly used for the modification of Bismaleimide resin (Bismaleimide for short BMI), can greatly reduce the application cost of BMI resin, improve the operability and technology of BMI resin, improve the toughness and heat resistance of BMI resin, molding property.


1. electrical insulation materials, copper-covered circuit board, high temperature resistant impregnated paint, insulating paint laminate, molded plastics, etc.

2. wear-resistant materials, diamond grinding wheel, heavy load grinding wheel, brake pad, high temperature bearing adhesive, etc.

3. Aerospace structural materials.

4. Functional materials.

5. for rubber antioxidant,add 1-3% DBA in rubber, can greatly improve the degree of rubber aging resistance.