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反应性不抽出防老剂MC (SF-98)

Responsivity inextractable antiager(MC)

Responsivity inextractable antiager(MC)


1. Chemical name:  N-4(Anilino phenyl) maleimide


2.Structural Formula


3.  Technical requirement

4. Physical property parameter

Soluble in benzene and acetone, insoluble in water.

5. Application and coordination

This product is used for natural gum and various synthetic gum, It is a reactive heat resistant aging, medium extraction, no migration pollution of antioxidant, can replace 4010NA,4020 and other antioxidant used in rubber rubber material. The dosage and curing conditions are the same as 4010NA antioxidant.

Dosage: About 2 servings.

6. Packing

 PE bag lined with PE film, net weight 10 kg or 25kg cardboard bucket.