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新型防老剂 PTNP

Novel antioxidant PTNP (TPS-2)

Novel antioxidant PTNP (TPS-2)


1. Introduction: 

    antioxidant PTNP

2.Structural Formula


3.  Technical requirement

4. Physical property parameter

Light yellow viscous liquid or white powder, specific gravity of 0.97-0.995, soluble in acetone, toluene, ethanol and other organic solvents, insoluble in water, stable storage, no discoloration, no pollution, cheap. Rubber products to meet the requirements of environmental protection of the new antioxidant.

5. Application and coordination

This product can be used as natural rubber, synthetic rubber and latex antioxidant and stabilizer.

It can not only improve the heat resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, coke resistance, but also the compatibility and processing technology performance is very good. And in PVC and its rubber and plastic materials as plasticizer use effect is excellent. Has been used in tire, rubber hose, tape, food glue, color transparent glue, PVC products and all kinds of oil seal.

Usage and dosage:  0.5-0.8 parts of TPS-2 in natural gum is equivalent to 1 part of RD and 1 part of MB. In styrene butadiene gum, it is equivalent to 0.5 parts of 4010 and 2 parts of RD. In butyl gum, it is equivalent to 1.5 parts of 4010; This is equivalent to 1.5 parts 264 in butadiene.

Dosage: About 2 servings.

6.  Packing

 PE bag lined with PE film, net weight 25kg bucket.